Notes from: “How to become A Web Design Expert” article

Just read an article at The subject is:  ”How to become A Web Design Expert

What I’ve learned from this article is:

  • All the experts are not very well known
  • Being an expert is more then about getting people to listen
  • Being perceived as an expert can be helpful when working with clients, and it does create the potential to attract better-quality work.
  • To become an expert, you need time and experience
  • Proficient at overcoming problems
  • Without passion, you have no desire to learn new things or push boundaries.
  • I believe that an almost obsessive passion for Web design is required to be a true expert.
  • Experimenting and making mistakes are crucial if experts are to establish their credibility.
  • I have to make mistakes, not hundreds or thousands. Billions of them.
  • Success is going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. - Winston Churchill
  • The definition of an expert is someone who knows what not to do. - Charles Willson
  • We need to learn to face our failures
  • stop insisting that you are an expert
  • Not that context is everything. It’s also about what you say and how you say it.
  • Have your own books, presentations, blogs and podcast about your experties
  • If you want to be perceived as an expert, know yourself, be relaxed and present with confidence.
  • present evidence/reference to support your positions
  • Your expertise should always be about serving others
  • You become an expert so that you can do a better job for your clients, provide more value to your organization and help others establish best practice in your industry
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