The brain has 23 billion neurons. Thatís a lot of capacity for mental processing. So whatís going on in there? Understanding how people think is crucial if youíre going to design for them. Just as there are visual illusions, there are also thinking illusions. This chapter describes some of the interesting things the brain […]

Daily Read

Weíre designing for a browsers and operating systems that have a well-established visual language and pretty solid interaction design patterns. Also, the increasingly popular Flat Design aesthetic is making everything look the same. You donít need to reinvent the wheel when designing a door handle; two or three types of handles may be enough to […]


With adult literacy rates now over 80 percent worldwide, reading is a primary form of communication for most people. But how do we read? And what should designers know about reading? ITíS A MYTH THAT CAPITAL LETTERS ARE INHERENTLY HARD TO READ People perceive all capitals as shouting, and theyíre unused to reading them, so […]


Vision trumps all the senses. Half of the brainís resources are dedicated to seeing and interpreting what we see. What our eyes physically perceive is only one part of the story. The images coming in to our brains are changed and interpreted. Itís really our brains that are ďseeing.Ē WHAT YOU SEE ISNíT WHAT YOUR […]

A Designer’s Research Manual: Succeed in Design by Knowing Your Clients and What They Really Need

by Jennifer Visocky O’Grady, Kenneth Visocky O’Grady Doing research can make all the difference between a great design and a good design. Most experienced designers would quantify this “legwork” with the term research. By engaging in competitive intelligence, customer profiling, color and trend forecasting, etc., designers are able to bring something to the table that […]

The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design

Written by IDEO.org The book is from IDEO.org and it’s about Human-Centered Design and it’s a field guide. I think that’s enough for a designer to put his read list top of everything. The topics are very to the point, precise, easy to follow and just do it type. Every User Experience Designer who works […]

User Interface Design Principles

  Clarity is job #1 Clarity is the first and most important job of any interface. Clarity inspires confidence and leads to further use. One hundred clear screens is preferable to a single cluttered one.   Interfaces exist to enable interaction Interfaces exist to enable interaction between humans and our world. The best interfaces can […]