How to be a front-end engineer

“As far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product.” – Jef Raskin For the last few days I’ve been researching on “front-end engineering”. As Mark Meeker says, it has other names like “front end development” or “UI engineering” or “web development” or “web production”. Whatever we call it, it is out there […]

Reading: March 2010

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Reading: July 2008

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Reading: June 2008

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Reading: May 2008

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aesthetic principles of design

I came across this great article. And I want to share it with you. I got it from What makes for good design? Here are a list of aesthetic principles to consider when creating or evaluating design: 1.) Heirarchy -setting priorities. What’s the most important thing, visually, in this layout? Is it the most […]

Notable Points #1

I read several articles every day. And so do others. We just read and forget big articles. But we remember the key points of the article or at least try to memorize them. But now a day, time is important for real work. So there is no room to read every article line by line. […]

What is Web Design?

Jeffrey Zeldman publishes A List Apart and The Daily Report, runs Happy Cog Studios, wrote Designing With Web Standards 2nd Ed., and cofounded An Event Apart with Eric Meyer. Wikipedia and Happy Cog have bios. Recently he published an article on “Understanding Web Design”. He tried to show the various use of web design with […]

Reading: May 2007

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Reading: April 2007

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